ANICE stool

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make a quick-and-dirty stool, inspired by this one. But the main difference was that I wanted to use a 3D-printed core, to hold the wooden bits together, and add some color to it.

So I made a quick 3D file on Openscad, to test it out. I didn’t want to use concrete for the first tests, so I decided to make it in ice (considering we’ve got a steady -12°c around here). So this was supposed to be just a prototype but I’m getting to like it.

To make it:

  • download the openscad files from my Thingiverse account
  • set your own parameters and generate the stl
  • 3D print the core
  • add the wooden legs, put in a bucket with some water
  • put it outside
  • wait (about 32 hours)
  • tada!

I went in an abandoned building just around the corner from where I live to make a nice scenery for the photo shoot…

Here we go:

ice stool

ice stool 2

ice stool zoom



You can download the files on my Thingiverse account.